LPCTV Board Meeting- May 30

LPCTV Board of Directors Regular Meeting

Wednesday, May 30 at 5:00 PM

LPCTV Trailer, 37C Main St., Ludlow


 I.    Call to Order

 II.   Public Comments & Communications

 III.  Review / Approve Meeting Minutes

 IV.   Update on Basecamp / Electronic Communications Discussion

 V.    Director’s Report

 VI.   Financial Report

 VII.  Finance Committee Report- Drafts of FY13 Budget

 VIII. Nominating Committee Update- Ballot for Elections

 IX.   Set Annual Meeting Agenda

 X.    Other Business

 XI.   To-Do List

 XII.  Adjourn


LPCTV Board Meeting- April 18

Board of Directors Regular Meeting
Wednesday, April 18 at 5:00 PM
LPCTV Trailer, 37C Main St., Ludlow


 I.    Call to Order
 II.   Public Comments & Communications
 III.  Welcome New Board Member
 IV.   Review / Approve Meeting Minutes
 V.    Discuss Basecamp Trial / Electronic Communications
 VI.   Director’s Report
 VII.  Treasurer / Financial Report
 VIII. Building project Update
 IX.   Discuss Capital Campaign- Activities & Fundraising Goals
 X.    Other Business
 XI.   To-Do List & Set Next Meeting Date
 XII.  Adjourn

That Was the Week That Was Celebrates 200th Anniversary

TW3 Prepares for 200th TV Program Jan. 19

With Celebration Broadcast from Town Hall

(written by Ralph Pace)
It all started in 2007 when someone suggested to Patrick Cody, Director of LPCTV, that the area needed a local news program to provide area people regional news that was not always covered by other sources.  That was in 2007.  It's still going on in 2012 as TW3 approaches its 200th episode.
Working from a one page "script", the Graham-Pace team began broadcasting "live" programs on Thursday afternoons in 2007.  The program was usually just 30 minutes long and occasionally had actual photographs of events to enhance the news offerings.
Then the duo began to realize that people might become tired of two "talking heads".
It was at this time that TW3 began to invite guests to discuss organizational events, current local activities, unusual events, and discussions of current problems or issues.  One of the first events that both Graham and Pace enjoyed was the unveiling of a Chester calendar of "appropriately undressed ladies" of Chester.  TW3 followed this with debates on a number of area issues such as the desirability of having a drive through window in a fast food/gas station, the question of death with dignity, and the impact of Jackson-Gore on the community.
The 200th broadcast will take place on Thursday, January 19 at 3 PM in the Main Conference Room at Ludlow town Hall.  Frank Heald and Kevin Kuntz will be the guests on this broadcast.  There will be seating for a maximum of 15 people in the audience; the public is invited to attend.   For information, call 228-7239.

People's United Bank Donates $1000 to LPCTV's Building Project

LPCTV would like to thank the Ludlow branch of People's United Bank for its recent $1000 donation towards the new building project.  This donation comes at a very critical time in the timeline of the project. "With the donation from People's, we are one-step closer towards meeting our goal for this first phase of construction", said Executive Director Patrick Cody. "I am personally impressed with the bank's continued support of community organizations", he added. In terms of total fundraising, LPCTV is closing in on the $100,000 mark, and we need $125,000 to make Phase 1 happen. Phase 1 includes all the HVAC, the electrical, insulation, sheet rock, one bathroom, and the enclosure of the studio.

(pictured above: George Thomson, LPCTV President; Barb Lemire, People's United Bank Ludlow Manager; Patrick Cody, LPCTV Executive Director; photo by Sharon Bixby ).

LPCTV Fundraising Steering Committee- 8/15 Meeting

Steering Committee Meeting
Monday, August 15, 2011
4:00 PM at LPCTV

I.  Review Capital Campaign Timeline & Overview (10 minutes)
II.  Review Updated Construction Schedule (10 minutes)
III. Discuss 9/14 BBQ (15 minutes)
- 10th Anniversary Celebration / Awards night - need coordinators
IV.  Personal Solicitations (15 minutes)
V.  Opportunities for Businesses (15 minutes)
VI.  Grants (15 minutes)
VII.  Video Production- Awareness Building (10 minutes)
- update on new cooking show
- video testimonials
- production crew needed for show on building project
VIII.  PR / Publicity (10 minutes)
- weekly e-newsletters
IX.  Other Business (5 - 10 minutes)
X.  To Do List: split up tasks, point people, set deadlines, set next meeting

LPCTV Board of Directors Meeting Today

Board of Directors Regular Meeting
Monday, July 25 at 5PM


 I.    Call to Order
 II.   Public Comments & Communications
 III.  Review / Approve Meeting Minutes
 IV.  Financial Reports: FY12 / Building Project
 V.   Building Project Update & Presentation from CVA Architects
 VI.  Discuss Leases with School & Town
 VII. Capital Campaign Update
 VIII. Planning for 10th Anniversary BBQ & Awards Night,  9/14
 IX.  Other Business
 X .  Adjourn

LPCTV Board of Directors Meeting Today

LPCTV Board of Directors Regular Meeting
Thursday, April 7 at 5:30PM at LPCTV Studio


 I.   Call to Order
 II.  Communications- Comcast, VAN
 III. Review Minutes (1/26, 2/24)
 IV.  Financial Report- Review FY11 budget report,  Capital Campaign Budget
 V. Capital Campaign Progress Report & To-Do List
 VI.  $1K Challenge Grant Proposal
 VII.  May 7th Kentucky Derby Day Event
 VIII.  Building Project Update- Architectural, Mechanical, Insurance
 IX.  Other Business- Plymouth Selectboard, Lease, New Hire, Historical Society work
 X. Confirm Date for May Meeting
 XI.  Adjourn


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