Volunteer Opportunities

I. Production Crew

The content seen on LPCTV’s TV channels are results of a participatory process, the product of local people getting together and becoming television producers. Oftentimes, these “independent producers” need volunteers to help “crew” their shows. Whether it’s running studio camera or helping with set-up or interviewing guests on camera, there are many opportunities for volunteers looking to get involved. Volunteers will have the opportunity to be a part of the process of making television from start-to-finish. Have fun, learn some production skills and see the results once the show goes on air!

II. Studio Camera Operator

There are numerous shows being produced in LCPTV’s studio. Camera people are always needed. Come be a part of the action - learn a new trade, and have fun doing it. Learn the “rule of thirds”, the principles of lighting, and how to pan, tilt, zoom, & focus with the best of them. Studio camera operators may graduate to Floor Director and Technical Director before long.

III. Field Camera Operator

There are plenty of opportunities for volunteer camera operators to get experience shooting out in the field. From municipal meeting coverage to coverage of local events, LPCTV staff is happy to send out willing volunteers on assignment. It’ a great way for camera people to practice their skills, while giving a little something back to the community. Plus, they get to watch their work on TV! IV. Community Bulletin Board LPCTV operates public access Channel 8 and Educational / Governmental Channel 10 24 hours per day, 7 days per week on the local cable TV system. The community bulletin board runs between the programming on both channels. The bulletin board scrolls community announcements, local news and information, as well as LPCTV’s program schedules. Volunteers can use their creativity in PowerPoint to update the bulletin board.

V. Editing

Volunteers may not only learn to edit on taped-based editing systems and on a non-linear editing suite, but they will also manage the post-production of LPCTV video programming. Post-production involves the process of preparing tapes for playback on Channels 8 & 10. Volunteers may create the graphics for each program, using software including MS PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop. They may also get more involved with non-linear editing. Apple’s imovie is used for beginners; seasoned users may advance to Final Cut Pro, using various plug-ins to create graphics and soundtracks.

VI. Website Maintenance

LPCTV has its own website; volunteers wishing to hone their skills in web design may do so by maintaining www.lpctv.org. They will not only learn how to use Dreamweaver and how to create web pages and build websites, but they will also learn how to manage a site efficiently. Continuous and frequent updates of program schedules, news & information and well as transferring of files, are needed to make www.lpctv.org a vital site.

VII. Database Maintenance

Volunteers looking to offer their organizational skills may do so by helping LPCTV build its extensive database. From cataloguing tapes to entering various data to creating queries and reports, there are many different components to maintaining the database. We need help with it all.