New & Improved Video-on-Demand

Now..... for new & improved video-on-demand, you can go to (or simply click on the graphic above). This will take you to our temporary "holding site" for all new local programming; that is, all new videos uploaded after October 7th can now be found on that site. Anything older than that can still be found on the Videos page of this site.

And soon... ALL video programming will be in the new & improved format and found on our soon-to-be-launched new site (still the same address at 

We hope that you will enjoy the new & improved online viewing experience of local proigramming on LPCTV!

Upgrades to Website & Video-on-Demand

We are well underway with a major upgrade to this very website, including our video-on0-demand. That new site will be launched soon, but for now all new (from October 7th onward) local programming can be found on this temporary site:

The big upgrade you will notice rightr away is that the videos can be played full screen. 

Again, this is just a temporary holdijng place for the video-on-demand. The new site is coming soon!

LPCTV Looks to Future with 2015 Strategic Planning

The LPCTV Board of Directors engaged in a very productive strategic planning session this week at the Combes Family In. We are looking towards the future and there are many big questions to address. The bottom line is what can we do to serve YOU, the community members? We want to hear from people.



Thanks to Bruce Farr Creative for facilitating and to the Combes Family Inn for providing the space.

Bruce Perry, Volunteer Extraordinaire

We lost a good one on Sunday. Our volunteer extraordinaire, Bruce Perry, passed away. Bruce, who put in many hundreds of hours of volunteer time both with LPCTV and for Black River High School, for whom he recorded all 3 seasons of boys and girls sports. Bruce was a dedicated and generous man, and he will be missed; but we know that his legacy is ingrained here at LPCTV. So long, Bipper. And thank you.



Membership Drive Underway

It's time for the membership drive. Consider supporting local community TV by becoming a member of LPCTV (or renewing your membership from last year).

  We rely on the support of our members.  By being a member of LPCTV, you are helping our efforts in televising thousands of hours of local programming each year.

Please consider signing up (or renewing) now by going to our membership page.

LPCTV Board Elects New Officers

The LPCTV Board of Directors has announced the election of its officers for the new year (which began July 1). They are:

Sharon Combes-Farr, President

Chris Saylor, Vice President

George Thomson, Secretary

Fra DeVine, Treasurer

Show on the New Recycling Law

Ham Gillett from the local solid waste district came into the studio to talk about Act 148: VT's new recycling law. 

Act 148- Universal Recycling Law from LPCTV on Vimeo.

Ham Gillett from So. Windsor & Windham Counties Solid Waste Mgmt. District comes to the LPCTV studio to inform us all on Vermont's new universal recycling law, which went into effect on July 1st.

New & Improved Studio is Open for Business!

We recently completed a series of acoustic and lighting improvements in the TV / performance studio.

This includes new energy-efficient studio lighting, re-insulating the walls, installation of rubber flooring, and an infinity, or "cyclorama" green screen wall. 

This $30K project was financed through a combination of grants from the Vermont Arts Council and Okemo Community Challenge, and a private donation. 

Come help us put the new & improved studio to use! 

Become an Underwriter!

Attention local business owners:

Do you want a low cost alternative to advertising, while supporting your local community TV? If so, you should consider becoming an LPCTV underwriter.

Your tax deductible contribution will help us offset some of the costs of putting local community programming on the air (and this website). In return, you will receive video "thank yous" as well as your business logo and link to your website here on this site (see our 2015-2016 underwriters in the box to the right). Our 2015 underwriting campaign is now underway, and we invite your business to take advantage. To learn more, visit the Underwriting page, or give us a call.

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