An Important Note About Playing Videos on This Site

There is an issue with Apple Quick Time, the format we chose when we started putting video on the website many years ago. Times have changed & technology has evolved, which has created some problems. We are changing our whole format to a universal player this summer. That's the good news. But for the time being, in order to play video, you need to do the following:

1. Use Firefox or another 32-bit web browser. The reason for this is Quick Time is a 32-bit player, but some new versions of other browsers (such as Google's Chrome) are 64-bit.

2. Have Apple's Quick Time Player installed on your computer. (You can download it for free here)

3. Email us with any issues (or call)

4. For more "light reading" on the subject, check this thread out. This is a known problem and common error with Quick Time video.

New & Improved Studio is Open for Business!

We recently completed a series of acoustic and lighting improvements in the TV / performance studio.

This includes new energy-efficient studio lighting, re-insulating the walls, installation of rubber flooring, and an infinity, or "cyclorama" green screen wall. 

This $30K project was financed through a comnination of grants from the Vermont Arts Council and Okemo Community Challenge, and a private donation. 



Come help us put the new & improved studio to use! 

Kentucky Derby Gala Photos & Video

Check out some of the fun "Greeting Cards" we made with guests at the Kentucky Derby Gala fundraiser.

View all the greeting card videos on our Vimeo page.

Kentucky Derby Gala Stay tuned for more photos and video!

The LPCTV Board of Directors Encourages You to Support Local Community TV

At its meeting on January 14,  the LPCTV Board of Directors paid their dues....membership dues. And by doing so, they encouraged community members and organizations to do the same by signing up to become a member or renbewing their membership. Through membership. you support our efforts of bringing local programming to the Ludlow / Okemo area.

Become an Underwriter!

Attention local business owners:

Do you want a low cost alternative to advertising, while supporting your local community TV? If so, you should consider becoming an LPCTV underwriter.

Your tax deductible contribution will help us offset some of the costs of putting local community programming on the air (and this website). In return, you will receive video "thank yous" as well as your business logo and link to your website here on this site (see our 2014 underwriters in the box to the right). Our 2014 underwriting campaign is now underway, and we invite your business to take advantage. To learn more, visit the Underwriting page, or give us a call.

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