New & Improved Video-on-Demand

Now..... for new & improved video-on-demand, you can go to (or simply click on the graphic above). This will take you to our temporary "holding site" for all new local programming; that is, all new videos uploaded after October 7th can now be found on that site. Anything older than that can still be found on the Videos page of this site.

And soon... ALL video programming will be in the new & improved format and found on our soon-to-be-launched new site (still the same address at 

We hope that you will enjoy the new & improved online viewing experience of local proigramming on LPCTV!

We are Hiring

LPCTV is seeking to fill a Producer / Editor position. This person will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing many of LPCTV's core production, editing, and post-prodcution activities, as well as equipment and facility usage. 

Experience with TV and video production is essential. A minimum of a Bachelor's degree with 2 years of professional experience is preferred. Candidates must be have excellent communication skills, have access to reliable transportation, and be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

Click here for the official job description.

Interested candidates should send a letter of interest and resume by email to Patrick Cody, Executive Director.

Upgrades to Website & Video-on-Demand

We are well underway with a major upgrade to this very website, including our video-on-demand. That new site will be launched soon, but for now all new (from October 7th onward) local programming can be found on this temporary site:

The big upgrade you will notice rightr away is that the videos can be played full screen. 

Again, this is just a temporary holding place for the video-on-demand. The new site is coming soon!

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