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E.g., Friday, August 18, 2017
E.g., Friday, August 18, 2017
Show Title Show Image Production Datesort ascending Producer Series
Mt. Holly School Bd. 6/7 2017/06/07 Ed McEneaney Mount Holly School Board
Ludlow Elementary School Bd- 6/7 2017/06/07 Ed McEneaney Ludlow Elementary School Board
Cavendish Planning Cmsn. 6/7 2017/06/07 Adam Sayre Cavendish Planning Commission
Union-39 School Bd. 6/7 2017/06/07 Ed McEneaney Union-39 School Board
River Valley Technical Center Board 6/7 2017/06/07 River Valley Technical Center
Ludlow Village Trustees 6/6 2017/06/06 Ed McEneaney Village of Ludlow Board of Trustees
Rotary This Month 2017/06/06 Tesha Buss Rotary This Month
Okemo Valley- Your Place in VT 2017/06/06 Marji Graf Okemo Valley- Your Place in Vermont
Ludlow Selectboard 6/5 2017/06/06 Ed McEneaney Ludlow Selectboard
Plymouth Selectboard 6/5 2017/06/05 Adam Sayre Plymouth Selectboard
St. James Methodist Church 2017/06/04 Sarah Devereux St. James Methodist Church
CTES 3rd Grade Play 2017/06/01 Fred Marin Cavendish Town Elementary School Concerts
BRTV 2017/05/30 John Bannon BRTV
Ludlow Baptist Church 2017/05/28 Ludlow Baptist Church
St. James Methodist Church 2017/05/28 St. James Methodist Church