TV Schedules

We are on Comcast channels 8 & 10 in Ludlow, Plymouth & Cavendish (including Proctorsville) and Comcast channels 20 & 21 in Mount Holly. The channels on Comcast are only available in standard definition. And now our channels are also on VTel, on channels 166 & 167.

Public / Community Access Channel - CLICK FOR SCHEDULE

  • Description: A free speech forum-  programming BY the community and FOR the community.

  • This channel is found on Comcast ch 8 in Ludlow, Plymouth, & Cavendish, Comcast ch 20 in Mt. Holly, and VTel, systemwide, on ch 166 (SD) ...soon also in HD!


Educational & Government Access Channel- CLICK FOR SCHEDULE

  • Description: On this channel, you will find programming from government agencies and educational insitutions, including our local "gavel-to-gavel" coverage of local government & school board meetings. 

  • This channel is found Comcast ch 10 in Ludlow, Plymouth, & Cavendish, Comcast ch 21 in Mt. Holly, and VTel, systemwide, on channels 167 (SD) ...soon also in HD!

  • "Gavel-to-gavel" coverage of local government meetings: See our "Month-at-a-Glance" playback schedule for local meetings under "Attached Files" below.