Community Announcements

Community announcements run on our TV bulletin board (on both channels) and here on the website. They include information about news & events that are sent to us from non profit organizations, community groups, schools, & government agencies. See the above slide show, which is a continuous scrolling display of the announcements in our current rotation. This shows how the announcements appear on TV; on the TV version, as you will notice, we also include our program schedules and other LPCTV-specific information.

Below is a clickable list of recent announcements, which have been sent to us over the last 2 weeks. 

Do you have an announcement you would like to submit? You can do so here.

But first, please be sure to read through these basic guidelines. 

Eligibility Requirements for Bulletins

To be eligible for the community calendar, an announcement must meet the following criteria:
1. Must be from a non profit organization, civic group, school, or gov’t office
2. The organization must be serving people in the Towns within our local service area (Ludlow, Plymouth, Cavendish, Mt. Holly, Andover, Reading)
3. If it is promoting event, the event must be no less than 2 weeks away

If your announcement meets these 3 criteria, please send us the information by clicking here.